SUPER RISER CLAMP (For 1″ OR 1¼” Handlebar Center Sections)
SUPER RISER CLAMP (For 1″ OR 1¼” Handlebar Center Sections)
SUPER RISER CLAMP (For 1″ OR 1¼” Handlebar Center Sections)

Paul Yaffe

SUPER RISER CLAMP (For 1″ OR 1¼” Handlebar Center Sections)

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For 1″ OR 1¼” Handlebar Center Sections


The Super Riser Clamp all but eliminates the potential for handlebar slippage that is common with tall bars and big riders.  Simply put, a 10” or higher bar and a 200+ lb. rider creates increased leverage that was never considered by factory engineers!  Especially when you’re suddenly pulling yourself up off your seat in an “emergency unseen pothole, trying not to bust your butt” situation…riders know exactly what we mean!

Additionally, 2007-Earlier HD Touring models have a 2-piece top clamp system that can create a safety problem when handlebars are used with internal wiring.  A large wiring exit hole is required on handlebars designed for internal wiring.  This design factor can create a stress riser or breakage point where the handlebar is weakest at a point where the leverage is greatest at the same time.  Without the use of our Super Riser Clamp, you have created a recipe for potential disaster!  The one-piece, solid CNC machined from billet design of our clamp completely eliminates this stress area and makes the wire exit of the handlebar the strongest, not the weakest point!

Last but not least, The Bagger Nation Super Riser Clamp and its 1-piece design with bar-locking set screws machined into the clamp will prevent inferior handlebars with poor knurling from slipping.  Our Super Riser Clamp has a wire relief incorporated into its design specifically for internal wiring applications.  The 1-piece design displaces pressure off of the center of the handlebar making the handlebar stronger and more secure.  This becomes especially important when using 1” handlebar styles and internal wiring.


The Original 1.00” Super Riser Clamp


The 2015-Later Road Glide 1¼” Super Riser Clamp


*Bagger Nation STRONGLY recommends installing our 1-piece Super Riser Clamp-on 2007-Earlier HD Touring models. Failure to use a one-piece clamp when installing Monkey Bars will VOID the Bagger Nation warranty.

The Super Riser Clamp is CNC machined in-house from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, and is the highest quality, problem-solving, bad-ass clamp available!


NOTE: When using the Chrome 1″ clamp where the riser is visible, you may need to change out your risers as well as the top clamp Call to special order in Chrome!