Ride Height Repeater


Ride Height Repeater

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Now there is a way to consistently air up to the same spot every time, the spot you determine to suit your needs.

The Ride Height Repeater  Was designed for most riders and conditions, it allows the user to set their upper ride height to their sweet spot, once set, this spot will be repeated every time the system airs up regardless of riding weight, whether one up, or two up, stopped or rolling on down the road…****The RHR does not typically require a different setting when riding 1 up or 2 up****

Included is a bypass switch that can be used to override the RHR set point…

Call or email for other manufacturers shocks.

ATTENTION: The limit switch/s have been installed so the mounting hardware applies enough pressure that they will never move on their own, yet they can still be adjusted without having to loosen the mounting hardware. If for any reason, you feel the limit switch mounting hardware needs tightened or loosened please call or email us before doing so!


NOT for use on shocks that have a maximum extended length of more than 14 inches, or a minimum collapsed length of less than 9 inches.

If you have a system that does not use a relay for the compressor, a relay will have to be added or the limit switch will fail.

The limit switches are waterproof but never pressure wash the RHR.