Low Rider ST Color Matched Fairing
Low Rider ST Color Matched Fairing
Low Rider ST Color Matched Fairing
Low Rider ST Color Matched Fairing
Low Rider ST Color Matched Fairing
Low Rider ST Color Matched Fairing
Low Rider ST Color Matched Fairing
Low Rider ST Color Matched Fairing


Low Rider ST Color Matched Fairing

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Introducing Advanblack ST Fairings: Unleash Aggressive Looks and Enhanced Functionality

Our ST fairings boast a myriad of features

  • Experience a more aggressive look with sharper edges.
  • Everything you need to install the ST style fairings on your bike is included.
  • Our patented design brackets enable easy installation of the ST fairings on different bikes.
  • The included 10-inch windscreen allows you to block wind while maintaining clear vision during rides.
  • Enjoy compatibility with OEM Rockford speakers P/N 76200037, allowing you to integrate OEM audio systems on various models such as Low Rider/S, Street Bob, Fat Bob, Dyna, and more.
  • The inner fairings and wind deflector are painted to match your bike's colors.
  • The cutout ring on the headlight is detachable, allowing for easy mounting of the Baja LP-6 lights using related brackets.

Upgrade your bike with OEM-style Low Rider ST front fairings from Advanblack, achieving a harmonious blend of style and performance.

Fairings Parts Included:

  • Front & Instrument Fairings,
  • 10 Inch Windshield,
  • Vent trim,
  • Air deflector,
  • Instrument fairings panel bracket
  • All the required screws and nuts for assembling the fairings 
  • Note: The headlamp mounting bracket is included if you choose to add the bike models bracket

Bike Models Bracket:

Crafted from heavy-duty mild steel with a sleek black finish, our fairing brackets provide a strong and stylish connection to a wide range of bike models.


  • Headlamp bracket
  • Fairing Mounting Bracket
  • Fairing Connector
  • Extended Headlight & Turn Signal Wire Harness

Fairing Support Bracket:

  • This bracket is used to support the bottom of the fairings to the bike frame. 
  • It is made of heavy-duty mild steel with a sleek black finish.
  • Note: Our fairing support bracket is compatible only with bikes that do NOT have a crash bar. If your bike has a standard or mustache crash bar, please purchase P/N 47200927 from HD for all M8 Softail models


  • Will fit multiple bike models with the related bracket (103,107 &117 Low Rider/S/ST, Street Bob, Fat Bob, 06-17 Dyna).
  • We recommend purchasing our 5.75 headlight for Dyna and Fat Bob models, while M8 Softail models can use their OEM headlight.
  • Additional bike models' brackets, including Road King and Sportster, will be available soon.

***All Applications need the Fairing Installation Bracket***

***If you have a crash bar and want to keep it you need to buy HD fairing support from Harley P/N 47200927 so you can install your signals.

***If you do not have or use crash bar then you need to purchase our support bracket with kit***