JNR Rear Lowering Kit


JNR Rear Lowering Kit

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Designed for the JNR Touring Air Ride Shock. They lower the bottom shock mount position by bringing the mount hole down and back, not straight back like lowering kits for conventional shocks do. With this kit you can lower the collapsed travel of the JNR Touring shocks to the equivalent of a shock that collapses to 8-1/4″ while still maintaining the full 4-1/2″ of total shock travel, they also eliminate the lower shock bolt contacting the exhaust on full extension. They are especially good for riders with shorter legs, those just looking to get their riding height lower, as well as those looking to get their bike parked as low as possible. Sold as a pair with mounting bolts.


Fits Harley Touring Models 2009 and newer (with 16″ rear wheel, may or may not fit models with 18″ rear wheels) JNR Touring shocks. May fit other manufacture’s air shock (Does not fit Dirty Air Aluminum shocks, and is not compatible with the JNR Boom 2 audio compressor mount)