Grand Touring 47 Series Seat 2009-Above Bagger
Grand Touring 47 Series Seat 2009-Above Bagger
Grand Touring 47 Series Seat 2009-Above Bagger


Grand Touring 47 Series Seat 2009-Above Bagger

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Factory 47 has joined forces with Bad Boy Cycles to bring you the pinnacle of grand touring bagger seats 2009-Above. Our collaboration with Bad Boy Cycles, known for their top-tier quality and experience, has led to the creation of the finest motorcycle seats in the market.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each seat is custom handmade using only the finest materials available. We take pride in ensuring that every seat includes Gel, leaving no option for compromise on quality and comfort.

The Factory 47 Grand Touring Seat is designed to exude grand luxury. Drawing inspiration from exotic vehicles, we've expertly matched style with comfort to provide a seating experience like no other. This 3-piece combo set is tailored to cater to every aspect of your ride.

For those solitary rides and city cruising, we offer the Solo Seat, ensuring maximum comfort without compromising on style. The comfortable Passenger Back Seat allows your companion to indulge in a journey of ease and relaxation throughout the entire trip.

Long touring days or a ride to iconic destinations like Sturgis or Daytona bike week calls for the perfect companion, and that's where our Addition Rider Backrest shines. Providing ample support and comfort, it's the ideal accessory for those extended journeys. Additionally, we've thoughtfully incorporated a pouch behind the backrest, granting your passenger easy access to essentials like wallets or phones.

But the customization doesn't end there! With each Grand Touring Seat, you have the freedom to choose the stitching color that suits your bike's personality and your unique taste. Before making your purchase, simply select the stitching color from our available options above. Whether you prefer classic black, striking red, or a bold contrast to complement your bike's design, we have the perfect stitching color to elevate your ride to new heights.

Bad Boy Cycles, known for their expertise in luxury upholstery, has ensured that each seat boasts a tight, seamless look with impeccable stitching. No wrinkles mar the surface, guaranteeing a visually stunning addition to your motorcycle.

Now is the time to treat yourself and your bike to the most comfortable upgrade available—the Factory 47 Grand Touring Seat. Experience the epitome of quality, luxury, and comfort with every ride. Don't miss this opportunity to bring your touring experience to new heights. Get ready to ride in unrivaled style and comfort!


Does not fit 2023 CVO. These are coming soon!