DIRTY AIR Handlebar Grip Switch with Push Buttons

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DIRTY AIR Handlebar Grip Switch with Push Buttons

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*WILL NOT FIT 2015-LATER ROAD GLIDE FACTORY HANDLEBARS (Due to factory anti-rotation pin/hole in hand control clamps, bars could be modified or some aftermarket bars will allow fitment)*


DIRTY AIR Handlebar Grip Switch, works with pretty much any air ride system that uses electric switch(es).  New steel housing with waterproof push buttons, select finish options.  Fits left or right side.  Each push button can control either the UP or the DOWN function for your air system.  A rear system would need one unit, a front+rear system would require (2) complete handlebar grip switch units, one to mount on the left and one to mount on the right.  To use our handlebar switch unit to control an MRI electric center stand, a special relay system must be added to allow the grip switch to reverse polarity to the center stand to control UP and DOWN functions on the center stand.  This switch housing replaces the standard oem clamp used to secure the clutch assembly on the left side or master cylinder on the right side.  Switch unit is hardwired with 69" wire leads and has 3 wires - 12v+ power, up and down.

*Fits 1996-Later Harley-Davidson hand controls.  Fits any diameter handlebar, as long as you are using Harley-Davidson hand controls, and not an aftermarket clutch/master cylinder assembly*

*Works with DIRTY AIR systems.  If using on other systems or for other components, please note the push buttons maximum current allowance is 1 amp.  Any component drawing over 1 amp requires a relay*

*Handlebar switch housings do not have a "notch" for wires to exit.  Handlebars that will not be wired internally should have dimples on the bottom side to allow wires the exit the handlebar switch housing without being pinched.  If you do not plan to wire the switch wires internally, make sure your handlebars are dimpled for external wiring*